ProMenTaT – Produktionssysteme mit Mensch und Technik als Team

The focus of the Young Investigators Group "Production Systems with Machines and Technology as a Team" (ProMenTaT) is research into the roles and tasks that people as individuals will assume in future production systems. The shortage of skilled workers, which will become even more acute in the coming years, will contribute to a drastic change in the demands placed on employees. While fewer skilled workers are available on the labor market, at the same time the demands on employees are increasing as a result of advancing digitization. In future production systems, people and technology will work hand in hand as a hybrid team, collaborating ad hoc and without lengthy configuration efforts. On the one hand, this requires new concepts at the technical level for increasing the anticipation capabilities of technical systems. On the other hand, new concepts are needed to make the actions of technical systems comprehensible to humans and thus increase acceptance of these systems. Finally, new concepts are needed to represent people with their knowledge and skills in a complex socio-technical system and to enable the technical systems interacting with them to integrate them ad hoc into value creation on this basis. Our team contributes novel visualization approaches for Explainable AI and supporting unskilled workers with spatial augmented reality at the workplace.

Related Publications

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